The Coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented situations across the world. Much of the world's population has been on some degree of quarantine, adhering to the social distancing, mandatory face mask, and self-quarantining measures that governments have implemented. The new lockdowns has turned bustling streets and city centers into desolate ghost zones.

Iran (IMNA) - The streets of Isfahan have been deserted as the new lockdowns were enforced.

The overnight quarantine is aimed at curbing the mounting Covid 19 infection rate in Iran, which is one of Asia's coronavirus hotspots.

There have been complaints from business owners, whose activities are already suffering after the lockdown in previous weeks.

The new rules target non-essential activities including cafes, restaurants, fast-food outlets, retail stores including clothing, furniture, book stores and etc.

Starting Nov. 21, some 150 cities across Iran, including Isfahan, have moved from partial shutdown to a full lockdown and a ban on travel in and out of major cities entered into force.

Iran's Coronavirus Taskforce’s plan to shut down cities in red zone can be extended beyond two weeks.

The government is preparing aid packages for the most vulnerable walks of life to minimize the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

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