We are still at the early stage of fully understanding the Coronavirus; however, wearing face masks and day-to-day preventive measures such as adopting frequent hand hygiene and observing social distancing rules are recognized as the most effective ways to curb the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Iran (IMNA) - As wearing a mask and maintaining personal hygiene in public become mandatory in Iran, some people might assume that unmasked citizens are irresponsible and selfish who are swiftly spreading COVID -19 via microscopic airborne particles getting out of their respiratory organs through cough, sneezes or even breathe.

It’s understandable to feel angry towards those who don’t follow Covid-19 preventive guidelines; However, remember that the goal of the public wearing a mask when leaving the place where we live or work is to cut down the risk of community transmission. If we can prevent such transmission without berating people who genuinely are not able to wear masks, or need a bit of extra support to do so, we all take advantage of such sympathy.

According to Worldometers, total cases of COVID-19 worldwide have surpassed 37 million and the global deaths from the virus have also surged at least one million; however, more than 28 million people have recovered.

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