Referring to the hoisting of 2,500 Muharram flags in Isfahan, Iman Hojati said that the ensigns have been erected over Isfahan’s main squares, bridges, streets and passages in various municipal areas.

Iran (IMNA) - “90 candle symbols has been set up in 30 spots throughout the city, especially at crossroads and squares,” he added speaking of Ashura symbols standing up by Isfahan Municipality's Urban Beautification Organization.

Unfolding that all metro and bus stations in the city get closed during Muharram, Director General of Communication and International Affairs Department at the Municipality of Isfahan noted, "All main squares and crossroads of Isfahan will be adorned by green, red and black ensigns as well as lighting elements. "

He continued, "The General Department of Communications and International Affairs of the Municipality of Isfahan, as hitherto, has provided requiresd spaces to religious Heyats (groups of mourners gather in hoses or venues to honor Imam Hussein).
5 billion rials support from the municipality for the implementation of health protocols in religious bodies

"According to the approved amendment proposed by the municipality of Isfahan, personal protective equipment worth five billion Rial will be donated to religious bodies to the observance of health safety protocols, " Hojati ended.

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