The amount of cigarette butts on Isfahan streets has more or less remained persistent in the past few years as they have become more visible on the ground everywhere; there is no excuse for littering like this. We still have to live on Planet Earth!

Iran (IMNA) - Cigarette butts are mostly tossed on the ground. Some smokers are even bending the rules and dropping them into bushes or shrubbery or around waste bins!

When asked, smokers often say that putting cigarette ends or stubs in urban bins gives rise a fire hazard, or that having them is dirty and smelly!

Some of them also believe that dropping cigarette litter is not a norm-breaking behavior because they’re decomposable; they’re actually not. In fact, these little hazards take up to about 12 years to fully get dissolved.

Some of them argue that dealing with clearance is the municipalities' job. They think that all sweepers should spend their days fishing cigarette ends out of tree grates to gravel pits; however, it is difficult for them to catch all of them.

Out-of-home banners have been hung throughout the city, mostly meant to raise awareness about the cigarettes butts on the ground and its devastating impact on the environment.

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