There has always been conflicts between automobile and pedestrian as both are the major concerns in urban and transportation planning; pedestrian deaths are rising ominously, but city administrators are doing everything they can to diminish the rate.

Iran (IMNA) - Street level - underground pedestrian crossings and overpasses have been developed in many cities across the world to segregate people from vehicles and provide safety for citizens in case of traffic crashes.

In a bid to slowing down the traffic and decreasing the number of road-related accidents, Isfahani students backed by the municipality of Isfahan have introduced a three-dimensional zebra crossing, where white blocks seem to be elevated from the street in an optical illusion. It resembles the rectangular set of stripes you’d see on any pedestrian pathway with some differences.

The floating effect of such optical trick will make drivers to automatically hit the brakes, and this increases safety for crosswalks. It is time to change the old zebra crossings for the sake of public safety as such innovations are worthwhile.‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

The new appearance of the crossing looks three - dimensional from both sides. While the effect is visible to pedestrians from some angles.

3D pedestrian crossings are more than just a stunning visual effect; they are eye-catching enough to save people's life by grabbing the drivers’ attention and, as a result, they will navigate intersections carefully.

The innovation is an inexpensive tactic that doesn’t require much additional work for urban planners.

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