The charming summer has arrived about two weeks ago in Isfahan and wheat farms are now filled with tall, slender golden wheat that are shining in the summer sun's reflecting beam; The seed heads began to nod, and that’s when farmers know it is the right time to harvest.

Iran (IMNA) - Reaping wheat with a sickle is a time-consuming process, but because of its simplicity and low cost, it is still widely popular over the world.

Farmers grab each handful of wheat near the base and cut them into sheaves with sharp sickles, then use a stalk of the wheat to tie and wrap it tightly around the bundle.

After binding into bundles, the wheat are stacked into shocks with the seed heads up and allowed to dry in the field. The traditional method of harvesting take days to be carried out however it is now easily finished in few hours with modern machines.

Nowadays advanced equipment have made the work easier for farmers. One of the useful machines to reap low stem crops like wheat and rice is ‘combine harvester’.

Let's enjoy the scenes of harvesting wheat through IMNA's camera.

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