Throughout the time of Abbas the Great sovereignty, a colony of Armenian from the town of Jolfa residing at Iran’s northern border were transported to the suburb of Isfahan on the Southern bank of the Zayandeh Rood river; The Armenian colony who escaped the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turks took up residence in a neighborhood dubbed New Julfa.

Iran (IMNA) - They settled into their new home and quickly started their cultural and economic activities; now they have obtained notable status as a religious, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic minority in Iran.

Julfa neighborhood is packed with stunning cobblestone pavements, narrow winding alleys, multitude of local shops, old churches and a cozy square.

Immigrant Armenians had a truly indubitable influence on Iranian culture, specifically during the modernization of the country. Even today, Iran and Armenia have got so much in common, both historically and culturally, due to the thousand years of strong relationship.

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