One of Paris's most fetching and mythical places to amble, the Montmartre neighborhood, lies in a must-see hilltop district.

Iran (IMNA) - Cobblestone paths, hanging ivy on old windows, Sacre-Coeur which is the most visited church in France, charming squares, narrow winding streets, multitude of local shops and restaurants selling delicious French desserts and breads are all packed in Montmartre.

Sacré Coeur is a popular landmark that stands at the top geographical point of the city at a height of 213 meters. It takes the second place in the highest points of Paris after the Eiffel Tower (324 m).

This locus has always been popular for believers for its being the highest point of the city, representing closer distance to the sky that holds the idea of getting closer to God.

Siting in the highest peak of the city, Sacré Cœur provides a pretty breathtaking panorama for which you should climb 300 steps with no lift.

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