Rice is the most important crop and staple food in Iran with being the key source of nutrition for 70 million people; the total rice-cultivated area is more than 600 000 hectares in 15 provinces.

Iran (IMNA) - Rice cultivation is thoroughly labour- intensive process as it still carried out in traditional manual transplanting. Rice is generally recognized as a wetland crop that is grown in flooded fields. Wet-rice agriculture is the most prevalent method of sowing rice in Iran that includes paddies get flooded by rivers and rainfall or manually irrigated. Transplanting seedlings requires much more labor compared to direct seeding.

Actually, it is a high costly method; however, the proper and predefined distances between the rice plants in rows ensure the proper internal aeration which is crucial for plant and also provide enough space for every plant to grow in the best manner. Harvesting high quality and aromatic rice with great nutritional value is the outcome of such diligence.

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