Pearl palace or Morvarid palace which is also known as Shams palace is situated in Mehrshahr of Karaj, Alborz province.

Iran (IMNA) – The building of the Pearl palace lasted from 1966 to 1968, under the administration of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, by William Wesley Peters with the cooperation of William Case and Nezam Ameri. The palace that used to be the residence for Shams Pahlavi, the sister of Reza Shah Pahlavi has been registered in the list of Iran's national heritage in 2003, with the registration number of 7067.

The area of the palace and its pavilion is 111 hectares and 2500 square meters respectively. The outer facade of the palace was made of cement and from above it looks like an eagle ray holding a pearl. Shams palace is a perfect example of Iranian architecture in the twentieth century using abundant symbolic geometry.

The small structure of the central pavilion includes various parts like large and small domes, camarillas, vaulted rooms, offices, an inclined staircase, a pool, a fountain, a home cinema and a billiard room. Also, there is a small lake outside the palace which surrounds the structure from three sides; it is is deep enough for boating.

A set of spiral roofs, skylights, and beads of pearls has covered all over the roof of the building. In addition to skylights, there are many wall illuminations and lusters that provide the necessary light reflected by glasses embedded in many different parts of the building.

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