Archaeologists have discovered six undamaged earthenware dishes in northern Iran, Moshelan area dating back to the fifth millennium BCE.

Iran (IMNA) - Supervisor of the archaeological team in charge of the investigation, Siavash Sarqi said that the six intact earthenware dishes have been discovered after excavations at Moshelan historical site near savojbolagh village, Alborz city in central plateau of Iran.

"In addition to the ancient layers of soil and bones, some relics and earthenware dishes buried probably in a burial ceremony in the fifth millennium BCE have been also found in this archaeological site," Siavash Saraqi added.

"These relics including six undamaged earthenware and footed dishes in red gutter-shaped spouts decorated with geometric and animal motifs (goat pattern) dating back to Cheshmeh Ali era," he noted.

According to the public relations of Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Institute, Siavash Saraqi announced the news about recent discovery as follow:

“Moshelan Hill (Ismail Abad) is one of the most significant ancient areas of Iran’s central plateau located in the northeast of Ahmadabad village, Saeedabad district, Savojbolagh city, Alborz Province that dates back to the fifth millennium BCE. The area was excavated for the first time in 1957-58 and one more time in 1977 by Masoumeh Navaei."

"Regarding the expansion of rural areas in Moshelan Hill, the historic hill has been recognized as an endangered area," he added.

Saraqi went on to say that, "a delegation with the permission of Iran's Cultural and Heritage and Tourism Research Institute has called for speculations in order to determine the boundaries for the Moshelan Hill."

"Further, recent studies show that contrary to the site topography, dimension of the historic area is much larger than what has been reported earlier. Although Moshelan Hill is stretched in an east-west direction, unfortunately much of the site in western area has been leveled and dedicated to gardens and villa construction projects," he pointed out.

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