The 15th day of Ordibehesht in Persian calendar (May 4) has been designated as National Shiraz Day in Iran. This date is reminiscent of Persian heritage, due to the rich literary and cultural heritage as well as numerous magnificent monuments in city of love.

Iran (IMNA) - 15 Ordibehesht in Persian calendar is marked as the national day of Shiraz in Iran. The green inspiring nature of the city, especially the scent of orange flowers, in Mid- spring, April and May, has made Shiraz as a distinctive city among other Iranian ones. On Shiraz day, some entertaining programs such as balloon flight, poetry reciting, walking tour in the old context of the city, various concerts and festivals being held in the city of culture.

As a universal consent, Shiraz is a city of love, literature, flower, culture and history. It’s the birthplace of well-known poets such as Sa’di and Hafez whose well- manicured mausoleums host hundreds of visitors every day. Although, describing beauties and rich culture of people of Shiraz in a few words is impractical, Hafez Shirazi describes Shiraz and its locals properly through his magical words:

خوشا شیراز و وضع بی‌مثالش

خداوندا نگه دار از زوالش

ز رکن آباد ما صد لوحش الله

که عمر خضر می‌بخشد زلالش

میان جعفرآباد و مصلا

عبیرآمیز می‌آید شمالش

به شیراز آی و فیض روح قدسی

بجوی از مردم صاحب کمالش

که نام قند مصری برد آنجا

که شیرینان ندادند انفعالش

صبا زان لولی شنگول سرمست

چه داری آگهی چون است حالش

گر آن شیرین پسر خونم بریزد

دلا چون شیر مادر کن حلالش

مکن از خواب بیدارم خدا را

که دارم خلوتی خوش با خیالش

چرا حافظ چو می‌ترسیدی از هجر

نکردی شکر ایام وصالش

How beautiful is Shiraz's unparalleled state
God save it from harm and the hands of fate.

May God keep its flowing Roknabad River
Its waters with freshness, always equate.

Between Jafarabad and Mossalla gardens
Northern breeze's scent, forever accelerate .

In Shiraz the bounty of heavenly spirit
Amidst its wise people is an inner trait.

Nobody talks of the Egyptian sugar
It surpasses all, in sweetness is great.

O breeze what news of the happy minstrel?
How is his state? How does he relate?

If that sweet boy kills, and sheds my blood
O heart forgive him for his innocent hate.

O God let me stay with, this, my dream
I am happy with the vision of my mate.

Brave separation Hafiz, patiently wait
Thank God for union, time to consummate.

Elahe Jalali

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