Cities get values through public arts like urban installations; they reflect city’s identity and add unique features to public spaces.

Iran (IMNA) - When we think about the history, art and culture togather, Isfahan comes up on top; the city is the main hub for crafts and folk arts as it is home to the country’s most specialized craftspeople. Isfahan has always been a great place where you can find the trace of cultural manifestations of each historical period in its urban appearance.

Public places in Isfahan include strong art expressions with the flavor of rich historical and cultural dynamism that tend to break the sameness feature common in megacities.

One of the distinctive urban installation collection in Isfahan is the"Safavid Figures' Garden" that connects Naqsh-e Jahan Square to Ali Qapu Palace, two important historic sites that remain the major centers for showcasing high-grade artworks, helping artistic and cultural regeneration. The collection showcases the busts of famous figures lived during Savaid era.

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