On the international day of Mother Earth, we all as human beings express our gratitude to the Earth, this strange rock which provides us life and unconditional love. 

Iran (IMNA) - 22 April marks globally as Earth day in order to demonstrate support for environmental reforms and to raise awareness regarding mankind’s role in protecting natural world. The first Earth day was celebrated in 1970 when people were not aware of some obvious environmental hazards—from air pollution to climate change to toxic dumps to pesticides and loss of wilderness.

April 22 is not a date, but a movement

In 1969, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson and John McConnell proposed a date at a UNESCO Conference to honor the Earth and the concept of peace. They asked Americans to participate at the grassroots activities and then in 1970 they chose April 22 as a celebration date. On this date, 20 million Americans ventured outdoor and protested for promoting consciousness in favor of more eco-friendly society. Actually, Earth day is not a date, but a movement which started out as a political movement, though today considered as a popular day to gather together. Over the last few years on Earth day, people have encouraged a revelation, promoted dialogue, cleaned up litter and simply reflected on the beauty and importance of nature.

Earth day 2020; Climate action

On Earth day 2020, the world has encountered pandemic coronavirus, what the world was not prepared for. Authorities were involved in war and nature exploitation, they ignored power of Mother Nature, the Great Force that provides humans with all healing and vitality. Hence, humans forgot impact of this magical power on human life and even the fact that our lives inevitably depend on Nature. Well to remind ourselves in everyday life that it’s nature that provides us with unconditional love and has taught us how to be at peace even during a storm.

We all are one

We can, will and must solve this challenge. We still have time to appreciate Mother Earth, to keep this outstanding point in our mind that all things are connected to each other and it’s not a metaphor. It’s worth reiterating that our lives depend on nature’s vitality. For this purpose, we have got to change our attitudes and come to a decision about what we eat, what we wear, what kind of job we do and what kinds of transport we use, all factors will affect undoubtedly the climate change.

Accordingly, Earth day is not a "one-day event" but an everyday movement to increase public consciousness of environmental issues and eco-critical matters. We still have time to achieve a sustainable world. Let your voice be heard through whatever medium you have to express Mother Nature’s voice. We all are one.

Elahe Jalali

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