As information on the Coronavirus is circulating quickly, the WHO warns that societies around the world are facing an infodemic, an “overflow” of information that makes it difficult for people to identify genuine and trustworthy sources from false or inaccurate ones, that is spreading faster than the pandemic itself.

Iran (IMNA) - Governments are responsible for providing truthful information necessary to the protection against the Coronavirus.

The management board of Isfahan has executed new ways of giving information to people concerning the fight against COVID-19.

Right now hundreds of outdoor advertisements pertaining to COVID-19 have been placed on urban billboards to hand over as much information to as many people as possible.

The goal of such advertisements is to make sure that people reach to the required genuine information wherever they are. Isfahan municipality is trying to provide exact information on Covid- 19 throughout the city for all citizens. So they can help save lives and keep people safe.

The healthcare messages are increasingly turning to billboard advertising to promote self-protection practices against the Coronavirus. The billboards are placed near the main squares and planned to run till the end of spring.

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