The coronavirus has resulted in unbelievable changes in our daily life. From schools and universities being shut down in different parts of Iran to cancellations of several national big events such as Nowrouz and Sizdah Bedar, the pandemic has affected our lives drastically.

Iran (IMNA) - People across the world are quarantining out of concern for Covid- 19. While the President has enacted a set of mandates for Iranians to follow, most provinces have followed their own sets of rules on lockdown. These orders are in place to contain Coronavirus and keep healthcare systems from being inundated. People should act in accordance with the planned mandates from authorities; however, almost everyone can go outside as long as social distancing being observed. The practice has been recommended by the ministry of Health and Medical Education as a means to reduce the frequency of congregation, thus reducing the risk of transmission.

Social distancing does not mean you can’t go out; You are free to go to work, stores, public park when they are not crowded and being stayed at least six feet away from others and practice proper hygiene. Sanitize your hands before leaving home and after reaching home!

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