As the number of the Coronavirus cases rises, the need for social distancing becomes more crucial.

Iran (IMNA) - The fact is that in such a critical condition, relying on public transportation might put travelers at increased risk.

Keeping an appropriate distance from other commuters on the buses and other transportation vehicles can be a difficult task, especially during the peak hours.

Citizens should avoid catching public transport at peak times or consider catching an earlier or later service, If possible. This will help to reduce the number of commuters in buses, metro and taxis.

If you have to use public transportation, be sure to wear face masks, take the least-crowded buses or cars as possible, avoid touching surfaces, sanitize your hand with alcohol-based solution if possible, and don't put your hands close to your face.

Isfahan municipality has taken preventive measures in this regard and installed warning signs at bus, metro and taxi stations where people are likely to gather.

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