Stay at home campaign is a public health practice to stop the spread of disease.

Iran (IMNA) - When Iranian media & health ministry began reporting on the increased community spread of the coronavirus across the country, people didn’t take the threat of the pandemic too seriously.

After passing time and rising the death toll, Iranian got to the point that they severely underestimated the situation and understand that many people contributed to the spread of the virus.

Now, all Iranian perceive the importance of quarantine across the country to stop the severity of the pandemic.

People throughout the country are allowed to travel for work or emergencies; however, some Iranians still have not taken the preventive measures seriously.

Schools and universities all over the country remain closed as the country is passing through the peak of the epidemic.

All public gatherings have been limited and sports, cultural and social events also suspended to protect the most vulnerable people in the country and slow Coronavirus outbreak.

Isfahani citizens are obviously following stay at home rules as they care for their health and believe that the future of Iran is in their hands.

Novel coronavirus has infected more than 421,030 people and killed at least 18,802 worldwide.

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