There is a rising trend of urban art installations around the world that goes beyond the art, animating city centers, transforming spaces and revitalizing its surroundings.

Iran (IMNA) - Urban elements especially sculptures and creative furniture are generally seen as valuable assets to cities.

Urban elements are created for a variety of reasons like landscaping and beatification efforts in public spaces.

Understanding the importance of urban art and the various roles they have in the society is critical as they can bring vitality and exhilaration to citizens and keep them energized and inspired.

Urban installations are low cost tools for urban regeneration as they can easily alter public perceptions.

Isfahan municipal districts come together to foster the creation of urban arts during Nowruz that can be viewed as beautifying and reviving measures.

Urban art makes people’s day and their commute more interesting and adds living colors to what would otherwise just be grey and boring.

Creative urban elements remind people to feel alive, and even can make people think more deeply about the identity of their own cities.

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