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Iran (IMNA) - Five European countries have reported cases linked to Italy, and an American soldier in Korea became the first U.S. serviceman to be infected.

The authorities in Innsbruck, an Austrian ski town in the Alps, sealed off the 108-room Grand Hotel after an Italian employee there tested positive for the virus. The cordon was the second at a European hotel in two days, after Spain on Tuesday cordoned off the H10 Costa Adeje Palace on the resort island of Tinorefe after a guest, also from Italy, tested positive.

Each of the infected Italians had recently visited the Lombardy region of the country.

Though the virus originated in China, an outbreak in Italy has given it a foothold in Europe from which it has rapidly spread to at least five countries.

Spain, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland and France all reported cases linked to Lombardy on Tuesday.

The spread in Europe mirrored outbreaks in the Middle East, particularly Iran, and Asia, where the death toll in South Korea is rapidly mounting.

The AP has released a wrap of the current numbers. There are a total 81,002 confirmed cases around the world, and 2,762 dead.

Mainland China: 78,064 cases, 2,715 deaths, mostly in Hubei

South Korea: 1,146 cases, 11 deaths

Japan: 860 cases, including 691 from a cruise ship docked in Yokohama, 4 deaths

Italy: 323 cases, 11 deaths

Iran: 95 cases, 15 deaths

Singapore: 91 cases

Hong Kong: 81 cases, 2 deaths

Thailand: 37 cases

United States: 57 cases

Taiwan: 31 cases, 1 death

Australia: 23 cases

Malaysia: 22

Bahrain: 17

Vietnam: 16 cases

Germany: 17

United Arab Emirates: 13 cases

United Kingdom: 13

France: 14 cases, 1 death

Canada: 11

Kuwait: 11

Macao: 10 cases

Iraq: 5

Philippines: 3 cases, 1 death

India: 3

Spain: 6

Russia: 2

Israel: 2

Oman: 2

Austria: 2

Lebanon: 1

Belgium: 1

Nepal: 1

Sri Lanka: 1

Sweden: 1

Cambodia: 1

Finland: 1

Egypt: 1

Algeria: 1

Afghanistan: 1

Croatia: 1

Switzerland: 1



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