"Iran and the Netherlands have established good relations; however, the countries witnessed restrictions in the wake of the imposed sanctions," the Governor of Isfahan said in a meeting with the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Iran (IMNA) - "People around the world recognize Isfahan as half the world due to the abundance of unique historical heritages and the great potential it provides for European tourists," Abbas Rezaei noted.

Isfahan Governor continued, "Isfahan has excellent capacities in economic and production domains and if policies allow, there would be a great oppurtunity for investment in water supply fields. Vegetable and flowers seeds can also be a common interest of Isfahan and the Netherlands. "

Rezaei went on to say that Isfahan has a lot of historical attractions for Dutch people, so we hope that relations between Isfahan and the Netherlands will grow.

"Relations between Iran and the Netherlands have been limited due to the sanctions, and I hope there will be a very good opportunity for Iran-Netherlands cooperation. Despite the US cruel sanctions, Iranian people live a normal life," he said.

Isfahan Governor emphasized, "I hope the scientific relationship, taking advantage of scientific experiences and student exchanges between the two countries will be addressed."

Dutch tourists love Iran

"Our attendance in Isfahan is due to the hospitality of people and the rich history of the city, as well as the expansion of further diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Iran," Dutch foreign minister, Stef Blok, said.

"Communication and solidarity between the people of the two countries can provide nice opportunities in times of adversity. I know that the lives of ordinary people in Iran and the Netherlands are affected by international relations, and I am sorry for the effects of imposed limitations on bilateral cooperation," He added.

" I am very pleased that there are connections between the two nations; I am also happy to see the bicycle stations in Isfahan. We also cooperate with Iranian companies in the production of bicycles," Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands noted.

"Dutch tourists love to travel to Iran. Dutch businessmen can certainly cooperate freely with Iran. I will discuss on economic activities of Dutch businessmen in Iran with President Hassan Rouhani and Javad Zarif "Stef Blok said.

"The Netherlands is looking to develop a cooperation with Iran in the field of agriculture; however, we should investigate the payment methods. The Dutch government has joined the INSTEX mechanism to facilitate the payments," he noted.

Block said: "Tomorrow, I will be discussing humanitarian issues for European investors." I hope we come to agreements that will make it easier for tourists and companies to travel to and from Iran; if we reach such agreements, it will be remembered that these agreements began in Isfahan.

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