Pashaki is an amazing village located in the East of Gilan province, six kilometers west of Siahkal county; this village is composed of five quarters that are called Badan Mahala, Upper Pashaki, Lower Pashaki, Kurdish Mahala and Poshtasara.

Iran (IMNA) - Pashaki is a paradise during all seasons; however, spring is the life-giving one. It’s the season of bright sunshine and blue sky. The sun spilling light over all over the land, everywhere is covered in green leaves and colorful flowers, and the high clouds drifting across clear blue sky.

In Pashaki, Autumn is the second spring. Golden farmland and colorful leaves make a breathtaking scenery just like a painting. Dramatic clouds ambling over the mountain and released a sudden shower.

Actually, nature is a reliable source of inspiration for Gilaks. Their lifestyle is inseparable from nature; they are kind, tireless and diligent. In any time of the year, they never give up.

Local markets are places where they earn a living by selling locally grown products, their handicrafts and different kinds of stuff. In these markets, which are held twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays in Siahkal county, men and women work together to make a living. As a matter of fact, the Gilaks are well aware that "you need to keep fighting for your life".

Photos taken by: Elahe Jalali

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    چقدر زیبا و جذاب
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    من انگلیسی نمی تونم بخونم ولی عکسهای جالبی بود
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    به به چه عکسهایی واقعا لذت بردم وآرزو کردم کاش اونجا بودم عالییییی