"Flash floods in Sistan and Baluchistan have caused extensive damage and destruction to the local farms and garden lands. The torrential flood has wiped out roads and destroyed infrastructure, livestock, agriculture and livelihoods; fortunately, death tolls was not high." Qodratollah Norouzi said as he toured flood stricken areas in Iran's Sistan and Baluchistan province

Iran (IMNA) - The mayor of Isfahan landed in flood-wrecked province of Sistan and Baluchistan to see the devastation left by flooding in the last week, and to demonstrate that Isfahan will deliver help to those who lost everything.

Once flood water subsided, Isfahan's Disaster Response Team who are trained to put precise techniques into action moved their operations into the flood affected areas to provide more emergency relief and help flood victims.

The rescue and relief team will be working closely with local partners and authorities to expand immediate relief operations and meet pressing needs.

The utmost priority of Isfahan's municipality is to provide emergency relief aids to the affected communities in Sistan and Baluchistan as Isfahani people hope that these provisions will bring some levels of comfort during this difficult time.

"In addition to providing flood relief items such as food (canned fruit, boxed meals), clothing (mens, womens and childrens), linens (bedding, blankets) and personal care items (shampoo, napkin, towel),  we should continue the operations by repairing road related infrastructures and rebuilding the land, houses and bridges damaged by flooding," the mayor of Isfahan said.

Isfahan based charities are now helping families and communities affected by the devastating winter floods in this southern province.

Charities will be in flood affected areas for the long term to help Sistani's community rebuild and recover.

Torrential rainfall in southern Iran, particularly in the Sistan and Baluchistan province triggered heavy floods. The downpour led to widespread destruction.

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