21 December 2019 - 11:09

Sitting at an elegantly furnished table arranged with plenty of Yalda's elements and reciting Hafez poems, Iranians will celebrate the longest night of the year tonight.

Iran (IMNA) - Traditional rituals in Iran that are always accompanied with happiness and cheer, have mostly ancient basis; Yalda, Charshanb-e Suri and Nowruz are the most valuable examples in this regard. Yalda, winter solstice celebration, is the "very first festival" at "the very end" of the autumn.

Iranian people have been celebrating Yalda night, rooted in Zoroastrianism, for centuries; the occasion symbolically refers to the end of darkness on the longest night of the year as the sun overpowers the darkness.

There are some specific rituals that should be accomplished at this night. Staying indoors with family and friends, eating special fruits and nuts like pomegranate, water melon and persimmon, reciting poems and having all fun are the Must- Do symbolic solemn during the night.

Let's see how Iranians are making themselves ready for the unique celebration.

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