Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque, the most significant landmark of Isfahan, is one of the architectural and tiling masterpieces in the world which has been made in the 16th under the order of Shah Abbas I; it took 18 years to be completed.

Iran (IMNA) - Shah Abbas I ordered to build this mosque for himself and the royal court right in front of his official palace and it became one of the four magnificence monuments in the Naghshe Jahan Square.

The history of constructing minarets dates back to the pre-Islamic era. At that time, minarets were used to find directions from the far distances; anyone who saw minarets could find out that a city is on the way. During the Islamic era, the minarets were just used for the mosques. So anyone who entered a city could find the mosque more easily.

The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was used just by the royals and ordinary people couldn’t enter it; so, there was no need for them to find this mosque. In fact, this mosque didn’t need any minarets.

This wonderful mosque has a beautiful dome which is the most circular dome in the world. It turns into three different colors of pink, gray, and earth colors during the day under different lights.

The interior side of the dome includes one of the most fantastic decorations which is like a peacock who has opened his/her colorful tail.

However, the exterior facade of the dome has been getting destroyed gradually due to the overexposure to the natural forces as wind, sun, rain. Restoration and reconstruction of the dome has been finished recently, however, the new tiling and refurbishment resulted the dome to be bicolour.

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