Autumn is an ideal season to visit Isfahan; the summer crowds thin out and the weather is usually pleasant and fine.

Iran (IMNA) - Isfahan is located in Iran's semi-arid regions; however, in autumn it cools down and becomes an inviting city with pleasant weather. In early autumn, you can still see restaurants with outdoor seating and parklets, but the best thing about being here after the hot season is that museums and other attractions are not as crowded.

Hot temperatures cool off during autumn in Isfahan, letting us explore the rich heritage of this historical city and unique natural landscapes bathed in the season’s vibrant shades of charming colors. The changing leaves and fall foliage add an extra bit of character to the city.

The best places for autumn leaves in Isfahan are Chahar Bagh Boulevard and the bankside of the Zayandeh rood River that provide spectacular scenes in full color, and great locations to photograph the highlights of the season.

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