Danish are considered as the happiest people in the world and this matter makes everyone curious to know more about particular Danish lifestyle. In brief, Hygge is the secret of happiness among Danes. It’s a mental state which would bring coziness and happiness into your life.

Iran (IMNA) – The word Hygge is originally a Danish and Norwegian term which is applicable to any time and space. The idea of Hygge appears as a brilliant concept in all seasons of the year especially in the cold seasons when there is very little daylight. In that moment of the year, through simplicity and particular lifestyle, Danes bring happiness into their homes.

As a Danish term, it has no literal meaning but according to ancient documents, for the first time the word Hygge appeared in the 18th century in the writing of that time and these days the word is used for describing a mood of coziness, conviviality and well-being. Nowadays Hygge becomes not only as an inseparable Danish culture but crossing international borders to spread notions of friendship, coziness and togetherness.

As a matter of fact, this concept refers to a mental state rather than a physical one and cold seasons are the best time to seize the life through simple properties which have a deep effect on our life. For instance, enjoying a morning coffee, fragrant scented candle, woven textiles, pastries and a warm fireplace in the cold seasons are the greatest blessing for Danes. Hygge is a cure which is recommended by Danish doctors. It’s possible to Hygge alone but better to join with loved one; family or friends in an intimate atmosphere.

In this respect, “The Little Book of Hygge” as a best-selling book was written by Meik Wiking. In this book, author explains a story about a Christmas Day spent with friends. After a hike in a snow, the friends who are wearing woolen socks, sat around the fireplace and listening to the crackle of the fire. One of his friends asked, “could this be any more Hygge?” everyone nodded and one woman replied,” Yes, if a storm were raging outside.”

Moreover, in this book Meik points out the secrets of Danes, as the happiest people in the world, and offers some advices in order to experience Hygge and have a happy life, such as:

  • Get comfy, take a break
  • Be here now, turn off the phones
  • Turn down the lights, bring out the candles
  • Build relationships, spend time with your tribe
  • Give yourself a break from the demands of healthy living, Cake is most definitely Hygge
  • Live life today, like there is no coffee tomorrow

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