Barberry, the little red jewel, is a native plant to Iran; the country holds the 1st rank in barberry's production in the world as it supplies more than 98% of the barberries of the world. 

Iran (IMNA) - Barberries bring a burst of gorgeous color and an explosion of flavor in Iranian dishes. They are an important ingredient in Iranian cuisines; you can find them in every Iranians' store cupboards as they are used to sprinkling them on to dishes of rice pilaf or strewing over pot-roasted chicken.

Dried Barberry, labelled under their Persian name Zereshk, needs just a little light soaking, frying or simmering to plump them up and release their delicious flavor. Because of their sour flavor, they are sometimes cooked with sugar before being added to any types of food.

Barberries often grow in temperate and subtropical regions of the world. In Iran, Khorasan province is the production center of barberry with about 6,000 hectares of fields.

Isfahan province also has gained a good status in barberry production. Borkhar, Fereydunshahr and Chadegan Counties are the main hubs of barberry cultivation. Let's enjoy the glory of small red jewels in Isfahan.

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