"Isfahan is ready to interact with Sarajevo in various cultural, economic, and social fields as it is going to be introduced as the tourism capital of the world in 2020," Ghodratollah Norouzi, the mayor of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Introducing Isfahan as a historical, industrial, social, and economic-centered city to the mayor of Sarajevo, Norouzi said, "Today, Isfahan is considered as the second important city after Tehran in many fields, and have established sister-cities relations with 14 cities in different countries in Europe, Asia, Far East, and Arab World."

Pointing to preparations of holding the cultural week of Isfahan in many cities and countries of the world like Paris and Switzerland, as well as the past good relations, he noted, "Isfahan is ready to hold the Cultural Week of Bosnia and Herzegovina; this meeting is the first steps for future trips and cultural-tourism interactions between the two cities."

"Isfahan is one of the greatest historical cities and cultural capitals of the world which has established good relations with UNESCO," the mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka said.

"Bosnia hopes to be supported by Isfahan regarding registering a number of its cultural and historical sites in UNESCO," he continued.

Pointing to Bosina's progress in the film and cinema industry, the mayor of Sarajevo noted, "Sarajevo has recently been recognized as the Cinema City; in this regard, it is going to be the host of the Film Festival in August and we would hereby like to invite  Isfahan to participate in this festival."

Expressing hope for introducing Bosnian artists to Iran and the cooperation of Iranian artists with Bosnia, he added, "this event can be the grounds for continuing cinematic cooperation between Iran and Bosnia."

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