Installation of smile-shaped aluminium bench at the United Nations Headquarter in New York originates from Nelson Mandela’s famous quote: “The best weapon is to sit and talk”. This bench encourages everyone to make a dialogue in the midst of conflict. 

Iran (IMNA) - Recently, a bench sculpture as “The Best weapon” has been installed as the symbol of diplomacy and dialogue in New York city. This amazing sculpture was delegated by the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway. The Best Weapon was unveiled on Nelson Mandela Day, July 18th, in United Nations Headquarter in New York City. This installation will be transferred to its home, Oslo, where Noble Prize is presented annually.       

Name “The Best Weapon” originates from Nelson Mandela’s famous quote: “The best weapon is to sit and talk”. Nelson Mandela was an international figure, a black man ho received more than 250 honours such as the Noble Peace Prize. During his life, he was fond of negotiating and reconciling with apartheid’s supporters. His humanitarian efforts make him well-know as an icon of democracy and social justice all over the world.

This bench is designed by Snøhetta, an international architecture and product design, inaugurated in Oslo, Norway but expanded in different countries such as France, China, Australia and USA. This sculpture is made of anodized aluminum. For soft surface, the anodized aluminum has high corrosion resistance and protection against scratching.

"The Best Weapon delivers a message of peace and conflict resolution, both as a functional piece that encourages conversation and social intimacy, and as a resilient symbol that anchors the Nobel Peace Center's mission for discourse and peace," Snøhetta said. "Sited in such a prominent location both symbolically and physically, The Best Weapon takes on multiple valences through this dialogue with its neighbour," the firm added.

This smile-shaped bench is situated alongside the bronze “knotted gun” sculpture which is considered as a global symbol of non-violence at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

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