Kuh Gol Lake is situated over the hills of Kuh Gol, in the northeast of Sisakht, Kohgiluyeh and Buyer-Ahmad province.

Iran (IMNA) – There are many seasonal lakes and jaw-dropping landscapes in Sisakht County, Yasuj, full of water in autumn. One of these lakes is Kug Gol Lake which literally means "a mountain full of flowers" in Persian language. Kuh Gol lake complex includes three main parts of Kuh Gol Lake, Tange Namak waterfall, and fritillary plain.

Kuh Gol Lake is surrounded by vast areas covered with different types of flowers and lilies. This lake has an area about 500 square meters, with the depth of 15 meters. In this natural spot, you can discover migrating birds like duck, mallard, stork, heron and coot during spring and summer. In addition, delicious vegetables such as rhubarb, oregano, and mentha asiatica are available in this area. 

Fritillary plain attracts everybody's eyes due to its beautiful flowers. Fritillary is a kind of flower from lily family with an interesting checkered pattern. This kind of flower is usually bell-shaped. Their flowering time starts from the middle of spring and finishes in raining season.  During the past time, people used this kind of flower to cure some diseases.

Tange Namak waterfall is situated at the end of Kuh Gol region, besides saltwater springs. The waterfall which flows into the Kuh Gol River, provides a unique and eye-catching landscape.

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