The miniature city of Madurodam is considered the most visited tourist attractions in the Netherlands; This picturesque miniature park portrays remarkably the realistic aspect of the Netherlands.

Iran (IMNA) - Madurodam is the most famous miniature park which is located in the Scheveningen district in the Hague city, Netherlands. This magnificent park features miniature 1:25 scale model and is considered as a major tourist attraction in the Netherlands. This unique park was established in 1952 as a homage to George Maduro who served as an officer in the 1940 Battle of the Netherlands.

There are three major theme areas and an exquisite playground for children. These three include:

- WaterRijk: water as friend and foe

- StedenRijk: old town center

- VindingRijk: The Netherlands as a source of inspiration for the world

Also, the playground for children is called Wadden Sea.

Realistic Aspect of Life in Madurodam

Different aspect of a life, including people, monuments, flora, architecture and street decoration, all are gathered in a miniature and scaled-down environment that is called Madurodam.

In the streets and around the building, there are numerous little people who gives the visitors the real sense of life. Their appearance and clothes change in different seasons. In the cold seasons, they wear jackets and warm clothes and also in the summer, they wear T-shirts. Interesting to know that these residents are multicultural, people who are dark-skinned immigrants. Madurodam is not an exaggerated model of life but it is the miniature scale of the real life as it is. 

1940 Battle of the A hands-on Experience

Through exploring the park, visitors travel through the history of the Netherlands. They visit majestic Dutch castles, industrial projects, ancient buildings and also the monuments. Moreover, visitors can enjoy a hands-on experience that make this miniature park more interactive for them. They can even load containers, help a plane take off or prevent a great flood by some operations in this wonderland.

In addition, visitors in Madurodam are given a personal smartphone in order to help them through providing a media-rich experience and explaining the story behind every place and building in this miniature city.

Each year more than half a million visitors from all over the world visit Madurodam and the revenue from this park is put towards the Madurodam Support Fund Society in order to benefit children in need.

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