Hamedan is one of the amazing cities in Iran due to its historical and natural beauties that attract many tourists ever year.

Iran (IMNA) – Nature lovers can enjoy Mishan plain in Hamedan which is one of the beautiful sites at the skirts of the Alvand Mountains. It has an area of one hectare, and is situated 2600 meters above the sea level. To reach the plain, adventurous people should climb the hillsides; so, you should be well equipped.

The beauties and fresh air of this plain bring peace to your soul. So if you want to get rid of every day worries, Mishan plain is the best choice. Snow and ice, grassland, and small yellow flowers provide a wonderful view for visitors to enjoy. You can feel relaxed while listening to the sound of water falling from the springs. The best time to visit this plain is in spring and summer due to the decent weather.   

In addition to Mishan plain, there are some other flatlands and valleys in the Alvand Mountains like Takht-e Nader plain, Chamane Shahnazar, Morad Beig valley, Heidariyeh valley, Gusaleh valley and Divin valley; each of them has unique landscape.

The most amazing part of the trip to Mishan plain is the old Ganjnameh, which is situated at one of the hillsides of the Alvand Mountain. Ganjnameh is a historical site which includes a nice waterfall and trilingual ancient inscriptions remained from Achaemenid Empire (around 500 BC). The inscriptions were written with three languages of Old Persian, Elamite and Babylonian set into a rockface on the Mount Alvand.

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