Some Iranian kids live in extreme poverty due to the recent natural disasters; consequently, they arrive on the first day of school without the stationary supplies they need. 

Iran (IMNA) - Referring to the creative plan of Isfahan's Waste Management Organization to replace the students' old stationary with new ones in city's recycling stations, Isfahan's mayor said, "This is in line with recycling culture defined for students so that everyone can keep up with the city's progress."

This year, devastating natural phenomenon like earthquakes destroyed schools nationwide. So, children were the main victims of wrath of nature that should start over anything at an early age. The small stationary items, like a notebook or a pencil is of the utmost significance to them. Isfahan municipality in collaboration with local authorities are doing their all-out efforts to provide school supplies to help students return to normal routines.

Qodratullah Nowruzi, the mayor of Isfahan expressed his hope that Iranian children begin the new Academic Year by trusting in God with compassion and sympathy. Saying that the city's public transport fleet, including buses, metro, taxis and school services have come together to start the year in a perfect manner to help students experience comfort commutes, he hoped that students try to learn valuable lessons that provide the strong basis, credit and bliss to the society.

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