Persia as the ancient land of different races is mostly well-known through the rich culture and civilization across all over the world.

Iran (IMNA) - This ancient land enjoys a wide variety of souvenirs and handicrafts during the history. Undoubtedly the Persian handicrafts that tourists take with themselves, each narrating the stories of different cultures and will be reminiscent of antiquity and elegance.

When you walk through the bazaar, it will be a feast for the eyes to such an extent that different arts and colors catch your eyes and even this matter makes it difficult and overwhelming to choose just one or two souvenirs. So, the Persian handicrafts are considered as a transcendent art, as a significant part of tourism industry and also one of the most popular tourist attractions over the world.

In this respect, several popular Persian handicrafts among tourists listed as following:

- Minakari

- Khatamkari

- Ceramics and Pottery

- Ghalamzani

- Turquoise

- Persian Calligraphy

- Termeh

- Malileh art

- Wood work

- Persian carpet

- Miniature

Photos by: Elahe Jalali

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