Hormuz Island is more than a simple land, it is land of wonders. You can find the only edible mountain of the world in Hormuz Island where people called it the Rainbow Island. you must visit the Rainbow Island before you die!

Iran (IMNA) - Hormuz Island is an Iranian Island in the Persian Gulf. This wonderland is located in the strait of Hormuz and 8 kilometers away from the Iranian coast. In fact, it is part of Hormuzgan Province which despite of its size, packs a big punch and catches everyone’s eyes to its beauty and amazing atmosphere.

The Rainbow Island

Every year a lot of tourists from different places of the world travel to this magic land and discover the beauty of nature in such a place where there is only one road, no cars and luxurious resorts. Most of the visitors are nature lovers who have heard about the pure nature and different-colored volcanic rocks and soil of this Island. The wide-ranging colors of the soil in Hormuz Island include yellow, white, green, orange, brown, beige, light turquoise and also gold. In this respect, Hormuz is the island of colorful beaches and mountains and many people called it “the Rainbow Island”.

The Only Edible Mountain of the World!

This approximately 42 km of wonderland, is a piece of paradise in Iran which attracts many tourists annually by its colorful mountains, silver sand shores and the lovely local people; Indeed, Hormuz Island is well- known by its colorful shores and mountains. Watching such a vivid and multi-color rocks would surprise every visitor and provide a feeling like walking on another planet. Moreover, red soil in this Island is used as a tasty spice in baking a kind of local bread called “Tomshi”. This local name is derived from Persian phrase “Tou Moshti” which means a handful of something. That’s because a handful of the dough is needed to prepare this local bread. Interesting to know that this particular red soil is obtained from a strange mountain that is the only edible mountain of the world.

Center of Geological Studies

This Island is the hub of geological studies. In this regard, Hormuz Island is one of the most important salt domes of the world and called also as “lithology lab”. Artists and Local people take profit from this kind of valuable soil and use it in producing handicrafts and painting which are so popular among tourists. Unfortunately, extreme exploitation of the Island’s soil has affected the environment and created some environmental concerns overtime. That’s the reason the Environmental Protection Agency is seeking a solution to protect this colorful Island.

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