Situated at the foot of the Karkas Mountains, the ancient village of Abyaneh homes twisting lanes and stunning red mud-brick old houses with lattice windows and wooden fronted balconies.

Iran (IMNA) - Old locals still don traditional clothes; Men especially the elders dress in the traditional wide-leg trousers and black garment. Women's clothing features hijabs strewn with embroidered red flowers. These types of clothing is the testament to the historical archaism of the village.

The topography of the terrain in Abyaneh indicates that iron oxides are abundant in the soil; the houses are built with the mud bricks containing the element and this is the reason of the village being reddish color.

The weather in summers is revitalizing and cool but winters are frigid. During summers, the village fills with local and foreigner tourists. Unfortunately, the permanent population growth rate of Abyaneh has been declining and today only old people resides in the village as the young looking for job opportunities in larger cities.

The Jameh Mosque with ancient carvings, Sassanid Zoroastrian fire-temple and ancient castles are some of the historical monuments that are worth a visit. Let's have a look at the picturesque Abyaneh.

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