There is no way for Iranian people to hear the name of Shiraz and don’t immediately think about Hafiz. Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad Hafez-e Shirazi, titled by Lesan-ol-Qeib, is well known due to his wonderful sonnets. The tomb of Hafiz, the great Iranian poet, is one of the most visited sites in Shiraz.

Iran (IMNA) - 65 years after Hafez's death, in 1452 A.H, Babur Ibn-Baysunkur, a Timurid governor of Shiraz ordered to build a small dome-like structure with a large pool in front of it, near Hafez's grave at Golgasht-e Mosalla. This monument and its associated memorial hall known as Hafezieh, is located on the southern side of Shiraz Quran Gate. It was registered in Iran's National Heritage List on November 9, 1975, with the registration number of 1009.

The tomb underwent some renovation processes during the Safavid and Afsharian eras. The present monument has been designed in 1935, by a French architect, Andre Godrad, who lived for 32 years in Iran during the reign of Karim Khan Zand. A marble slab has been placed over the Hafez's grave. The tombstone is one meter above the ground level and it is encircled with five steps leading to the tomb.

 This tomb surrounded with eight pillars to support the copper dome made of enameled tile mosaic; the number of "eight" stands for the eight doors of paradise and the eighth century (the century that Hafiz lived in) as well. This tombstone is beautifully inscribed with two of Hafes's poems and attracts domestic and foreign tourists' attention at the first glance.

There are also two beautiful northern and southern courtyards decorated with lush green garden with an area of two hectares in  the perimeter. Don’t miss this place during Yalda and Nourooz holidays, since local people and tourists gather together to celebrate the days and read Hafez's poems for divination.

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