Chermahin County which is situated in green region of Bagh-e Bahadoran, has some seasonal and permanent waterfalls; the unique permanent waterfall which is located 5 kilometers southwest of the county, is called "Shahlolak", "Shahloran", or "Shahlora". It flows down from a mountain under the same name.

Iran (IMNA) – The permanent waterfall with more than 50 meters height, is unique due to the fact that it runs as a roaring spring from the heart of a high-mountain rock wall.

The volume discharge of the permanent waterfall of Shahlolak varies during a year. Its water gets frozen like thick beautiful icicles with the height of 70 meters in the winter; the surface of icicles is always covered with moss and algae in cold seasons that adds to the beauty of the waterfall.

Considering the great height of the waterfall, the flowing down water combines with air, and sprinkles on the ground as raindrops or dew when they hit the icicles. Another branch of Shahlolak waterfall, named "Holoki", starts to flow in the spring when heavy rainfall begins. The seasonal waterfall has the height of about 90 meters with roaring water.

Chehel Dokhtaran (forty-girls) is a rocky hole under the Holoki waterfall that is like a small cave with a permanent spring, beside which there is a mysterious tree. According to the local story, forty innocent girls took refuge to this place to save their life; so, the mountain sheltered them! Thereafter, the place has been considered a respectable and sacred site.

It should be noted that Chermahin Shahlolak waterfall is one of the best tourism regions of Lenjan County. The comprehensive  development plan of waterfall area was prepared in 2012 by predicting sports and recreational spaces, rental villas, green spaces, restaurants, parking lots, and amphitheaters.

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