Simultaneous with holding the exhibition of Soleyman Sasson's paintings, the Isfahani architect and painter was honored in the Museum of Contemporary Art by holding a commemoration ceremony.

Iran (IMNA) – Soleyman Sasson is a Jewish artist living in Isfahan. He is an architect, who has followed painting for the peace of mind. He has been painting since more than five decades ago. He began the artistic activities by miniatures, and then he found his personal style over time.

"Isfahan has had a significant impact on my artworks, you can see Isfahan everywhere in my paintings; either in those that depict historical concepts or those that portray alleyways of the city. Before I went to the University of Tehran (Faculty of Fine Arts), I painted some shots of Isfahan in miniature, by using the realism style; when I returned from Tehran, I pictured Isfahan in another way, while drifting away from the realism style due to my familiarization with different art schools," Sasson noted about the role of "Isfahan" in his paintings in the ceremony.

"Studying in architecture major and getting acquainted with modern arts like Saqakhane style have caused to experience various painting styles and working with different materials. At first, my works were nature-oriented, but educating in Tehran made my works to be different. My major I studied has also provided me new perspectives to paint," he said.

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