Isfahan has a considerable potential in the field of handicraft as the rich history of Isfahan knotted with pure art; with a countless number of artists live in Isfahan, the city is known as the global city of handicrafts.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Jafar Jafar Salihi, Isfahan's Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism organization, considered "selling" as the most important subject in handicraft industry and said," In fact, one of the main concerns of handicraft artists is selling their products. In addition, one of the major handicraft related problems is providing raw materials for glaze and textile industry."

"The currency fluctuation also has created serious challenges in this regard; the price of raw materials in not affordable for handicraft merchants," he added. 

Having nearly 200 expressions of handicrafts, the city of Isfahan is designated as the World City of Handicraft by the World Crafts Council (WCC). Miniature, inlaid work (Khatamkari), enamel works (Minakari), engraving (Qalam zani), handmade carpet, tile works and silver crafts are some of the globally know artworks made in Isfahan.   

The global market is thirsty for Isfahan's handicraft, but the local market is ignoring the art. So, it's the duty of either local or national officials to take action and survive the ex-prosperity of the market.

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