The most beautiful architectural masterpiece and tile works of the nineteenth century is Amir Chakhmagh Complex located in Yazd. It was constructed during the Timurid era, in the eighth century A.H.

Iran (IMNA) - Amir Jalaluddin Chakhmagh, the Yazd ruler, ordered to build this structure; this is the reason of its naming. The complex consists of a mosque, market, Tekieh (religious theater), square, bathhouse, caravanserais, cold water well, and a confectionary; all of them are listed as Iran's National Heritage Sites.

 Amir Chakhmagh mosque, known as New Jame Mosque or Dohouk mosque, situated on the southern part of the square, is the oldest structure in the historical area. It was built in 841 A.H.

The interior design of the mosque is as wonderful as its exterior; Quran carvings on inscriptions, marble and tiling designs, mosaic inscriptions, and muqarnas structures catch the visitors' eyes. There is a two-storey Tekyeh on the east side of the square.

The brick building with its two high minarets was used to be a gathering place for kings and ladies to watch the mourning ritual of Nakhl Gardani that commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH). The historical Nakhl (a wooden structure representing the Imam's coffin) in the corner of the Tekye adds to the beauties of Amir Chakhmagh square; it is called Heidari Palm which dates back to 450 years ago, and carried during Muharram rituals in a special event named "Nakhl Gardani".

Haji Ghanbar Bazaar, the great bazaar in the east side of the Amir Chakhmagh square, is an interesting shopping center for visitors to buy fabric, sweets, candies, gold, and carpet. One of the rulers of Yazd, Nezamoddin Haji Ghanbar Jahanshahi ordered to build this great and wonderful bazaar. This popular place is lit up with orange lighting in the arched alcoves after sunset, and provides a fantastic glory view in the square.

Provided by: Pegah Bahadoran

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