Meybod is an ancient mud-brick desert city in Yazd that its rich history goes back to the pre-Islamic era.

Iran (IMNA) - Some believe that Meybod was established by a Sassanid commander named Meybodar and some historians say that the mud brick was built by Keyumars, the first Pishdadi's King. The magnificent history of Meybod's old civilizations during the Sassanid Dynasty is clear by simply looking at the discovered coins in the city.

There are many historical sites in the city that are scattered around Meybod such as Hasanabad fire temple, Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, Masjed-e Jame of Meybod, Narin Castle, Robat caravanserai complex, Zylou museum, dovecotes, pottery and ceramic museum. It is interesting to know that Meybod was chosen as the world city of Zilu by World Handicrafts Council.

Take time to walk around and perceive the atmosphere of old Persia.

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