Bandar Abbaas or what Iranians simply call as ‘Bandar’, is the capital of Hormozgan province that is the home of Iran’s busiest port.

Iran (IMNA) - The city is much more than a transport hub for Qeshm or Hormoz Islands but a city with great bazaars and a pleasant atmosphere to pass time in. Beside the beautiful natural sites, there are remarkable historical monuments in Bandar Abbas that catches everyone's eyes.

Hindu temple is one of the magnificent historical sites in Bandar that was constructed by Mohammad Hassan Khan in 1310 AH for Indians who were traveled to Iran for trade in Persian Gulf region. The architectural style of the temple displays both Indian and Iranian artistic attitudes.  

However, the great similarity of this temple to the Hindu ones is not accidental because the building has been made by one of India's richest merchant, Shikarpur.

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