"Omani businessmen have a huge interest in investing in Isfahan, and it is necessary to create a direct flight from Isfahan to Muscat," the representative of Muscat's businessmen delegation said.

Iran (IMNA) – "I thank Isfahani people and the company that invited us to Iran, the meeting which was held with the presence of Iranian and Omani businessmen for three days was very fruitful," Yaghoub Abutamimi said.

"We are ready to trade with Iranian people; there are many agile companies in industrial parks of Isfahan; therefore, many businessmen are interested in investing in Iran," he noted.

Saying that bureaucracy system regarding investment should be managed in Iran, he continued, "Omani delegation is made up of the most important Omani businessmen in various fields."

Pointing out that three big companies of Oman has planned and consulted to import foodstuff from Iran, he added, "There is so much land available for food production in Iran, so another bilateral meeting should be held in this regard."

Referring to the high capacities of tourist attraction in Iran, especially in Isfahan, he continued, "The number of tourists should be 10 times more than the current statistics."

"We thought that no more than a contract will be concluded this week, but 405 business meetings were held and 25 memorandums of understanding were signed. The duty of presenting the documents of this event to continue the business meetings is upon the private sector," Mohsen Nasr, the head of the inviter company said.

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