Aghazadeh mansion that was built during the Qajar dynasty, is located in Abarkooh city, Yazd province, Iran. This site with an area of 820 square meters belonged to Seyyed Hossein Abarghui, who was one of the wealthy individuals in Abarkuh. The mansion is registered in the list of Iran's national monument with the registration number of 1838, in 1996.

Iran (IMNA) - The two-story windcatcher in this mansion is one of the most important and attractive parts of the house. The ventilation tower which is 18 meters high includes 19 air adjusting vents that are inter connected. There is a magnificent pergola beside the windcather that provides cool air and is able to light up the hall space below it.  

This mansion has been built in three different sections for different weather conditions; for example, the northern side of the house that has a panjdari (five-door room) with a heater is suitable for winter. This feature enables residents to live in different parts of the house based on the weather conditions in various seasons.

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