Historical cities of Iran usually have great and old bazaars where you can enjoy local purchasing, get familiar with citizens' culture and accent, and also taking pleasure of the unique old architecture .

Isfahan (IMNA) -  When you enter the historical bazaar located in the old texture of Kerman, you can visit one of the most famous attractions of the city called Ganjali Khan Complex.

Ganjali Khan who was one of the well-known rulers during the period of Shah Abbas, reigned over Kerman from 1005 to 1034 A.H. He did leave behind many monuments and tried to change this area into a civilization

The master architect of the complex was Soltan Mohammad from Yazd, and its mastermind was Ganjali Khan. The architecture of this complex is Isfahan-centered style. The total area of Ganjali Khan Complex is 11000 square meters and it includes several buildings; a square, Bazaar, mosque, bathhouse, school, caravanserai, and a mint.

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