Yesterday, Isfahan's Governor-General held a meeting with the Armenian Archbishop of Isfahan and southern part of Iran. Abbas Rezaei congratulated the New Year, and hoped that we will arrive to witness the migration of Armenians from Armenia to Isfahan.

Iran (IMNA) – "We have had good memories of close association with Armenian citizens since many years ago. Armenians are living with other citizens in safety and peace, and they have been respected by all Iranian people," Abbas Rezaee said.

"I'm happy that the followers of all divine religions live together in Isfahan peacefully, this is the lesson that divine religions have taught us, I thank God for this empathy that is obvious between all practitioners of all religions in Isfahan," he added.

Emphasizing on the main role of Armenians in Isfahan, he said, "Armenians are active in industry, and I hope that they turn to migrate to Iran and Isfahan instead of Armenia." Pointing to the presence of Armenians in eight years of imposed war, the archbishop noted, "The Armenian community scarified many martyrs and veterans in the line of duty for the country."

Considering the peaceful coexistence as a value for Armenians of Isfahan, he added, "Not only safety and peace, but also the presence of religions, ethnicities, and different cultures enjoying abundant peace in Iran and Isfahan are owing to high officials and authorities of the government."

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