Kolah Ghazi National Park is a protected area dedicated to wildlife conservation. With the area of 47,142 hectares, the refuge is located in southeastern Isfahan along the road to Shahreza.

Iran (IMNA) - The area is a hunting prohibited region as it homes to rare mammals, birds and special vegetation. Sparrow and eagles, deer, rabbit, fox, goats and snake are among the animals inhabiting there. The special vegetation of Kolah Ghazi also includes varieties of medicinal plants like jujube, hedysarum and milk vetch. Wildlife species, both flora and fauna in the area are the main factors of attracting researchers and students interested in nature fields.

Usually climbing the mountain is possible from Lashotor neck 30 kilometers away from Esfahan along the shahreza-Esfahn road. This mountain has numerous peaks and valleys and its appellation is due to the shape of the summit that is like a traditional hat of judges. Kolah Ghazi used to be the favorite hunting ground for Iranian kings of Safavid and Qajar eras. However it still remains as a heaven for nature lovers who are interested in climbing.

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