Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque shines on world stage

The amazing picture taken by Alireza Akhlaghi won the first prize of the International stage of Wiki Loves Monuments 2018

Isfahan (IMNA) - The participants of this competition (Wiki Loves Monuments) take photos from the local monuments and cultural heritage sites, and upload them to take part in this contest. The purpose of this event is making known the buildings of the participants' countries with the goal of encouraging people to capture photos of these monuments and put them under a free license;  then it will be used by everyone not only in Wikipedia, but also everywhere.

Alireza Akhlaghi had plenty of time inside the famed Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque to capture the photo that leads this blog post. Why? He walked in at exactly noon, just as the building was about to close down for two hours. He was able to convince the mosque’s guards to let him inside anyway, even though they told him that they’d have to lock him inside until the building re-opened. “I was all by myself and taking photos,” he wrote.

One of the fruits of his labor was this, unusual in that the mosque’s closure meant that a red spotlight—”which ruins the beautiful colors of the ceiling and the altar,” he wrote—was shut off. Akhlaghi’s effort paid off, as he won first overall in this year’s Wiki Loves Monuments.